Yiu Kai (1912 - 2000)

Yee On Tea Company is a Hong Kong Tea Shop established in 1973 by Yiu Kai who is a tea enthusiast and a dedicated tea merchant. It started out as a humble local tea shop providing retail and wholesale services with traditional tea products from different ethnic provinces of China.

Our Expertise

Tea Cellars

Yiu Kai also started to age Pu-erh tea in his cellars using the traditional Hong Kong storage method which brought many of the desirable traits to aged Pu-erh Tea which many connoisseurs look for.

The unique climatic condition in Hong Kong provides ideal environment for the natural storage and aging of Pu-erh Tea.  The temperature and humidity in our cellars remains relatively constant throughout the year. 

Now Yee On Tea Company is home to many classic Pu-erh tea cakes of the 1980's like the Chi Tse Beeng Cha Yellow Label, 7542, 8582, 8592, Guang Yuen Tribute Tea Cake, and the 1979 Jinggu Tea Brick in the market today. We also have one of the largest stock of Puerh Tea in Hong Kong.

Our expertise

Aged Pu-erh Tea

Our large range of aged Pu-erh tea includes teas from the 1960’s to present, and in all shapes and sizes including Tou Cha, Tea Bricks, Tea Cakes and Loose Tea and in a great variety of price ranges. With some that are worth more than gold!! 

The investment of aged tea takes patience, observation, real estates and expertise in tea selection and production. It was all worthwhile when they finally becomes mature and tasty. 

Launch of our Online Store

Now offering our tea to the world!

With the launch of our online store. The rest of the world can now enjoy our large range of specialised aged Premium Pu-erh Tea just like the locals have in Hong Kong for the last 45 years.