2007 Raw Pu-erh Tuo Cha, 9921A, Kunming Factory

$ 180 HKD

An introductory level Tuo Cha to the vast world of Raw Pu-erh Tea, using raw grade 2 fine material. Produced by the famous factory and aged for 11 years on our professional warehouse in Hong Kong.

Soft, brisk, floral aged tea flavour.

Steeping - Puerh Tea

General Guide to brewing Pu-erh Tea

Steep Pu-erh tea in hot boiling water. The ratio of tea leaves to water is approximately 1:4 to 1:5. or 8 grams of tea to 125 ml. of water.

First steep for 5 to 10 sec and discard the water to clean and heat the tea leaves. Steep for 20 seconds, and lengthen the time as each subsequent infusion. 

The number of infusion can range from 10 to 20 times.

Use filtered water when convenient.

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