Maofeng Jasmine Tea

$ 88 HKD

Upgrade version of Classic Jasmine with more blending of spring tea and fine jasmine flower, higher fragrance and taste more potent.

Liquor : Bright yellow green

Flavour : Jasmine, floral, sweet, refreshing, lightly astringent.

Steeping Jasmine

General Guide to Steeping Jasmine Tea

Steep Jasmine tea in 80~85℃. The ratio of tea leaves to water is approximately 1:5 to 1:6. or 5 grams of tea to 125 ml. of water.

First steep for 5 to 10 sec and discard the water to clean and heat the tea leaves. Steep for 30 secs to 1.5 minutes, and lengthen the time as each subsequent infusion. 

The number of infusion can range from 3 to 4 times.

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